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September 2006

Sodas Get Smart
Waialua Soda Works

quote_inGenerations later, another couple is trying to make their mark in soda sales. At Hawaii's Waialua Soda Works, Owners Karen and Jason Campbell launched a line of beverages that are cleaner, crisper, and caffeine-free. Their product wholsales for $1 a bottle. "We don't use fruit juice, high fructose corn syrup, or artifical flavors at all," claims Karen. Within the year, the Campbells plan to intruduce lilikoi (passion fruit), melon, kiwi, and mango soda flavors.

Hawaii Mango Natural Flavored Soda
Delicate orange blossom and bold mango pair nicely for a truly tropical experience.

Hawaii Pineapple Natural Flavored Soda
Summer sunshine in a bottle. Wildly sweet pineapple essence captures the origin of this original soda.

Hawaii Root beer Natural Flavored Soda
Made with the creme de la creme of vanillas, Hawaiian vanilla steals the show in this delicious root beer. Earty notes plus caramel undertones and nice round bubbles.

Hawaii Vanilla Cream Natural Flavored Soda
Summer wheat coloring with petite bubbles and intense honey; Maui white can and vanilla dominate the palate and create a supurb cream soda; clean finish.quote_out




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