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May 2008

Artisanal Soda
Waialua Soda Works

quote_inWaialua Soda is all about homegrown Hawai'i ingredients. There's Big Island vanilla and Kaua'i honey in its vanilla soda. Island-grown fruits when available, infuse its pineapple and mango sodas. Maui can sugar sweetens its root bear.

But flavor isn't the only reason we love those bottles with the vintage hula girl logo. The contents are handmade and hand-bottled by Jason and Karen Campbell - who five years ago moved from the Mainland to make old fashioned artisanal soda in the former plantation village of Waialua, on O'ahu's North Shore.

"Every little town in Hawai'i used to have a soda works," said Jason. "People can have a Coke or Pepsi anytime they want. I figured if they were presented and alternative Hawai'i soda, they might go for it." So far it's an idea with serious pop.quote_out



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